Core Values

The council is driven by the following guiding principles to uphold its mission and vision:

  • Islamic Value: Engagement and execution of policies in conformity with the tenets of Islam.
  • Integrity: We carry out our mandates in an independent and impartial way.
  • Inclusiveness: Our movement for justice is consciously inclusive of all peoples across religious, ethnic, gender and generational lines. We are committed to serve all people of Ethiopia irrespective of their faith, race, ethnicity, or gender.
  • Relevancy: We analyze continuously our activities; progresses to make sure that we have effectively met the needs of our community.
  • Transparency: Openness with our members as well as the larger community will be pivotal. We strongly believe that transparency is an important item in building trust among our constituencies thereby success in meeting the organization’s mission.
  • Responsibility: NJC shall take full responsibility for its successes and failures, for its actions and the consequence thereof; each member shall do so for the actions he/she is entrusted to carry out.
  • Accountability: Every members of the organization is accountable for his/her action and what we do must reflect our goals and ideals.
  • Humanity: Each and every person has a unique place and is respected for what he/she is; its uniqueness and individual right is appreciated. We treat every case with care and invest on it our utmost attention.