Our strategy will be influenced with the matter of practicality, effectiveness and efficiency as well as the extent to which we can secure funds necessary to implement them.

1. Public Advocacy and Campaigns

  • By means of action on grass root level NJC attempts to monitor and publicize infringements of human rights committed by groups and the government of Ethiopia,
  • Communicate the unfolding human right violation in Ethiopia to national and International organization,
  • Establish a workable cooperation with organizations with similar aims and purposes.

2. Research and Publish

  • Conduct empirical research on human right violations and compile them into a central electronic database so that accurate and up-to-date information can easily be accessed by the public
  • Analyze the gathered information and publish periodic reports, issue other regular publications with a specific aim of promoting the rule of law and foster growth of democracy and justice in Ethiopia.

3. Education and Empowerment

  • Provide thought provoking and accurate information regarding Ethiopian current event and policies via widely read website, discussion forum and blog; engage readers in open discussion about issue that affect them, but which can’t be initiated from or discussed openly in Ethiopia; other.
  • Operate e-groups and social media forums such as , twitter and Face book to spread information on timely fashion
  • Use Ethiopian community centers or their annual conventions to provide them with the current human right situation in Ethiopia.
  • Organize in-depth Public forums, Seminars, and workshops on which people can voice their concerns regarding human rights and civil liberties.
  • Invite qualified speakers on human right and analysis on current state of Ethiopian policies and laws and their impact on the respect for the rights of Ethiopians, the rule of law and democratic governance.